Server and Network Administration

UCGP Consult offers all sorts of Server and Network Administration for Linux, Unix, and Windows systems. Our services cover all the tasks from choosing the right hardware for the required workload, installing and configuring the operating system (OS), Databases, and all the necessary applications for the customer’s business. We also configure appropriate network access and security for all the network infrastructure created.

UCGP Consult Senior Network Administrators follow a proactive manner in setting up and maintaining customers’ networks to avoid any future problems. Our Senior System Administrators track and update all the software to provide the maximum efficiency and security of the client’s systems.

UCGP Consult offers on-demand Server and Network Administration services to troubleshoot various network issues, deploy and update company-wide software, manage servers and operating systems, check and implement additional security measures or manage cloud network storage.

UCGP Consult System and Network Administration team consists of experienced Senior System Administrators (SysAdmin), Senior Network Administrators, and Senior Network Security Engineers with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Hire UCGP Consult to keep your company’s IT infrastructure running seamlessly and secure!

We offer System and Network Administration services at $50/hr