Project management

The success of any project is based on efficient project management. UCGP Consult will help you to turn your idea into a working product and offer Project Management services for any software development projects which include initiation, time and resource planning, execution, monitoring, and closeout/launch.

UCGP Consult Project Management Team uses a variety of specific services, methods, and tools such as Trello, BaseCamp, Asana, Airtable, Zoho Projects, Wrike, Kanban Tools, Slack, etc. for timely and efficient project management.

UCGP Consult Project Management team consists of experienced Senior Project Managers with a university degree (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 10+ years of commercial experience in Enterprise-level solutions project management.

Order UCGP Consult Project Management services team to turn your idea into a ready-made product! We offer Project Management services at $75/hr