UCGP Consult offers DBA, Network/System Administration, and DevOps Outsourcing services on an on-demand basis at $50/hour for Senior-level Engineers.

Outsourcing helps to improve business efficiency by cutting the costs on the salaries without the necessity of hiring extra personal. Just use UCGP Consult outsourcing services when you need the job done, instead of hiring additional employees and save.

Hiring UCGP Consult you can be sure that only Сertified Senior Engineers will work on your tasks and the job will be done accurately, timely, and in a cost-efficient manner.

You can outsource certain tasks or positions or entire division to UCGP Consult and free the available resources for other business activities or reduce/limit the staff and save. For example, we can handle all Database Administration (DBA) services in your company, including monitoring, upgrades, migrations, performance optimization, etc., and save tens or hundreds of thousands per year on personal.

Hire UCGP Consult for Outsourcing at $50/hr