Database administration

UCGP Consult Database Administration (DBA) team provides database administration services (DBA Services), continuous technical supervision, and maintenance to support all your database-related needs. We’re experienced with both large-scale production environments up to and over hundreds of terabytes and thousands of transactions/second.

UCGP Consult Database Administration team (DBA team) consists of Senior System DBAs, Senior Database Architects, Senior Database Analysts, Senior Application DBAs, Senior Task-oriented DBAs, Senior Performance analysts, Senior Data Warehouse (DWH) Administrators, and Cloud DBAs. Every Senior DBA has a university degree (MSC, Math, Engineering) and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Our Senior DBAs (database administrators) are experts with the following databases:

  • Oracle Databases (Oracle Certified DBAs)
  • MS SQL Server databases (Microsoft Certified DBAs)
  • Azure SQL (MS Azure Certified DBAs)
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

UCGP Consult database administration (DBA) services include (but are not limited to):

  • capacity planning
  • database installation and configuration
  • database design
  • database migration services
  • performance monitoring, alerting and incident management, performance tuning
  • database security audit, database patching
  • database troubleshooting
  • back-up and data recovery
  • disaster recovery solutions

Do you want to have a bulletproof backup and recovery procedure of your Oracle database with RMAN and any fitting/corresponding Redundancy Solution/Application done?

Do you need to cut the costs down and migrate your database to the cloud?

Do you have a problem with database uptime and want to achieve 99.9% system uptime and 100% operations transparency?

Are you experiencing database performance issues and need to resolve those database bottlenecks, freezes, deadlock contentions, and any other performance issues?

Order UCGP Consult Database Administration (Senior DBA) services to let Certified Senior DBAs do all the work and reduce the database administration work for your developers. We offer Senior DBA Services at $50/hour.