Cloud Services

Cloud technology has grown rapidly in recent years. Cloud computing can process huge volumes of data and facilitate global deployment, allowing businesses to offer up-to-date dynamic ways of working for clients and employees in the post-COVID19 era, where the share of remote employees has grown significantly.

UCGP Consult offers Cloud Services for Enterprise Warehouses, ERP/CRM systems, file storage, and backup, enterprise web-based email and project management applications, and cloud SaaS services. UCGP Consult Cloud Services are based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle OCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure Cloud), Google Cloud, or VMware cloud.

UCGP Consult private-cloud solutions let you cut your IT infrastructure costs and focus on core business activities. The private-cloud solution lets you securely store all sorts of data, including emails, files, and databases, sharing it swiftly with several people at the same time (setting up different access levels to different users) without slowdowns of the IT infrastructure and full control over your data. UCGP Consult Cloud Solutions offer flexible and scalable secure private cloud solutions to meet your specific business needs.

UCGP Consult Cloud Services team consists of experienced Senior Cloud Architects, Senior Data Architects, Senior Network Administrators, and Senior Network Security Engineers with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Order UCGP Consult Cloud Services to benefit from the cloud technologies, without the need for deep knowledge about or expertise of them, and cut your IT infrastructure costs down! We offer Cloud Services at $50/hour