Database administration

UCGP Consult Database Administration (DBA) team provides database administration services (DBA Services), continuous technical supervision, and maintenance to support all your database-related needs. We’re experienced with both large-scale production environments up to and over hundreds of terabytes and thousands of transactions/second.

UCGP Consult Database Administration team (DBA team) consists of Senior System DBAs, Senior Database Architects, Senior Database Analysts, Senior Application DBAs, Senior Task-oriented DBAs, Senior Performance analysts, Senior Data Warehouse (DWH) Administrators, and Cloud DBAs. Every Senior DBA has a university degree (MSC, Math, Engineering) and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Our Senior DBAs (database administrators) are experts with the following databases:

  • Oracle Databases (Oracle Certified DBAs)
  • MS SQL Server databases (Microsoft Certified DBAs)
  • Azure SQL (MS Azure Certified DBAs)
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

UCGP Consult database administration (DBA) services include (but are not limited to):

  • capacity planning
  • database installation and configuration
  • database design
  • database migration services
  • performance monitoring, alerting and incident management, performance tuning
  • database security audit, database patching
  • database troubleshooting
  • back-up and data recovery
  • disaster recovery solutions

Do you want to have a bulletproof backup and recovery procedure of your Oracle database with RMAN and any fitting/corresponding Redundancy Solution/Application done?

Do you need to cut the costs down and migrate your database to the cloud?

Do you have a problem with database uptime and want to achieve 99.9% system uptime and 100% operations transparency?

Are you experiencing database performance issues and need to resolve those database bottlenecks, freezes, deadlock contentions, and any other performance issues?

Order UCGP Consult Database Administration (Senior DBA) services to let Certified Senior DBAs do all the work and reduce the database administration work for your developers. We offer Senior DBA Services at $50/hour.


Application delivery has changed from large-scale, project-based implementations to continuous delivery. Continuous delivery gives many advantages and UCGP Consult DevOps Engineers will help you to discover all of them. Although UCGP Consult DevOps Engineers are specialized in large-scale enterprise products, our DevOps Services can be used for all sorts of applications.

UCGP Consult DevOps teams consist of Certified Senior Oracle DevOps Engineers, Senior Azure DevOps Engineers, Senior AWS DevOps Engineers, Senior Cloud Architects, Senior Data Architects, and Senior ETL Developers. Every Senior DevOps has a university degree (MSC, Math, Engineering) and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

UCGP Consult provides DevOps services for Microsoft Azure Cloud (MS Azure), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, VMware Cloud, and Oracle Cloud (Oracle OCI).

UCGP Consult Senior DevOps Engineers utilize the following tools and platforms:
Azure DevOps, Azure Artifacts, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, Chef, Ansible, Azure Kubernetes Services, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, HashiCorp Terraform, HashiCorp Vault, Xcode, Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, Apache JMeter, Bash

UCGP Consult DevOps services include (but are not limited to):

  • DevOps Assessment and Planning, Visualization
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Cloud-hosted repos
  • Process implementation
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Continuous Testing
  • Security Integration and Management
  • Operational management
  • Release Management and troubleshooting.

Order UCGP Consult Senior DevOps Engineers services to provide rock-hard security and utmost performance for your application/service. We offer Senior DevOps Services at $50/hour

Big Data

UCGP Consult Big Data services are targeted onto large-scale enterprise-level data management systems, whose volume and data type is too big for traditional data processing.

UCGP Consult provides Big Data solutions for structured data, unstructured data, and semi-structured data. We work with large and complex data sets of social data, machine data, and transactional data providing the utmost level of data security, maintaining the highest level of data privacy possible.

Our Big Data expertise lets us offer the solutions for terabytes and petabytes of various types of data volumes to enhance your customer’s experience and increase productivity and efficiency.

UCGP Consult Big Data team consists of experienced Senior Data Analysts, Senior Security Engineers, and Senior Data Architects with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering) and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Hire UCGP Consult to design and implement the most efficient Big Data solution for your enterprise! We offer Big Data Services at $50/hr

Server and Network Administration

UCGP Consult offers all sorts of Server and Network Administration for Linux, Unix, and Windows systems. Our services cover all the tasks from choosing the right hardware for the required workload, installing and configuring the operating system (OS), Databases, and all the necessary applications for the customer’s business. We also configure appropriate network access and security for all the network infrastructure created.

UCGP Consult Senior Network Administrators follow a proactive manner in setting up and maintaining customers’ networks to avoid any future problems. Our Senior System Administrators track and update all the software to provide the maximum efficiency and security of the client’s systems.

UCGP Consult offers on-demand Server and Network Administration services to troubleshoot various network issues, deploy and update company-wide software, manage servers and operating systems, check and implement additional security measures or manage cloud network storage.

UCGP Consult System and Network Administration team consists of experienced Senior System Administrators (SysAdmin), Senior Network Administrators, and Senior Network Security Engineers with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Hire UCGP Consult to keep your company’s IT infrastructure running seamlessly and secure!

We offer System and Network Administration services at $50/hr

Cloud Services

Cloud technology has grown rapidly in recent years. Cloud computing can process huge volumes of data and facilitate global deployment, allowing businesses to offer up-to-date dynamic ways of working for clients and employees in the post-COVID19 era, where the share of remote employees has grown significantly.

UCGP Consult offers Cloud Services for Enterprise Warehouses, ERP/CRM systems, file storage, and backup, enterprise web-based email and project management applications, and cloud SaaS services. UCGP Consult Cloud Services are based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle OCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure Cloud), Google Cloud, or VMware cloud.

UCGP Consult private-cloud solutions let you cut your IT infrastructure costs and focus on core business activities. The private-cloud solution lets you securely store all sorts of data, including emails, files, and databases, sharing it swiftly with several people at the same time (setting up different access levels to different users) without slowdowns of the IT infrastructure and full control over your data. UCGP Consult Cloud Solutions offer flexible and scalable secure private cloud solutions to meet your specific business needs.

UCGP Consult Cloud Services team consists of experienced Senior Cloud Architects, Senior Data Architects, Senior Network Administrators, and Senior Network Security Engineers with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 7-12 years of commercial experience.

Order UCGP Consult Cloud Services to benefit from the cloud technologies, without the need for deep knowledge about or expertise of them, and cut your IT infrastructure costs down! We offer Cloud Services at $50/hour

Project management

The success of any project is based on efficient project management. UCGP Consult will help you to turn your idea into a working product and offer Project Management services for any software development projects which include initiation, time and resource planning, execution, monitoring, and closeout/launch.

UCGP Consult Project Management Team uses a variety of specific services, methods, and tools such as Trello, BaseCamp, Asana, Airtable, Zoho Projects, Wrike, Kanban Tools, Slack, etc. for timely and efficient project management.

UCGP Consult Project Management team consists of experienced Senior Project Managers with a university degree (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 10+ years of commercial experience in Enterprise-level solutions project management.

Order UCGP Consult Project Management services team to turn your idea into a ready-made product! We offer Project Management services at $75/hr


Migrating services requires careful planning to make sure there are no outages or data loss. UCGP Consult offers Data Migration Solutions to various platforms, either on-premise or to the cloud. We offer full flexibility in your data management and can design and implement an efficient migration of your data, move your data warehouse across your hardware or migrate to the private cloud. The solutions we provide are targeted at cost and performance optimization of the data usage.

UCGP Consult Migrations Team Senior Engineers are experts in cloud migrations to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle OCI, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure Cloud), Google Cloud, or VMware cloud.

Our Network and System Administrators are experts in Linux, Unix, and Windows. Our Senior DBA offers migrations for Oracle Databases, MS SQL Server databases, Azure SQL, My SQL, and PostgreSQL.

UCGP Consult Migrations Team consists of experienced Senior System Administrators, Senior Network Administrators, Senior Data Engineers, Senior DBAs, Senior Solutions, and Senior Cloud Architects with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 7-12 years of commercial experience in large-scale migrations.

Order UCGP Consult Migration services to save cost on your IT infrastructure and make it more scalable and suitable for your business needs. We offer Migrations services at $50/hr


Using the latest version of the software gives your a competitive edge and offers operational benefits. UCGP Consult Upgrade services let you seamlessly transit to the latest well-tested versions of software to provide the best security, scalability and realize the full potential of the new technologies, functions, and features of the software. Software upgrades made on time help to maximize employee productivity levels by keeping the IT infrastructure up-to-date with the most current patch levels.

Why you should upgrade? New versions of the software not only add functionality but offer additional security, performance, and scalability. Timely software upgrade gives serious benefits for your business — it can lower the maintenance cost of your IT infrastructure, based on outdated software, reducing time-to-market for new services, and improve customer satisfaction.

UCGP Consult offers upgrades to all sorts of software for Linux, Unix, and Windows systems.

UCGP Consult Upgrade Team consists of experienced Senior System and Network Administrators, Senior Network Security Engineers, and Senior DBAs with university degrees (MSC, Math, Engineering), appropriate certifications, and 7-12 years of commercial experience in software upgrades.

Benefit from the full functionality of the up-to-date software with UCGP Consult Upgrade services! We offer Upgrades services at $50/hr

24х7 Support

UCGP Consult offers enterprise-class 24×7 Support and troubleshooting assistance for your IT infrastructure. We can handle all of your software and on-premise or cloud architecture troubleshooting and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your business.

UCGP Consult 24×7 IT Support Department is comprised of expert-level Senior Engineers only. Our resolution processes are based on the industry best practices and our 24×7 Support Service desk serves as the single point of contact for all types of your support requests, providing 24×7 monitoring, critical patching, and troubleshooting.

We ensure that all requests are being handled accurately and timely.

UCGP 24×7 Support Services includes:

  • 24×7 IT Infrastructure Support, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
  • Incident Remediation and Resolution
  • Remote workstations and servers support
  • Patch Management
  • Validation of Antivirus Protection and Virus Scanning

Order UCGP Consult 24×7 Support to maximize your business productivity! We offer 24×7 IT Support services at $50/hr


UCGP Consult offers DBA, Network/System Administration, and DevOps Outsourcing services on an on-demand basis at $50/hour for Senior-level Engineers.

Outsourcing helps to improve business efficiency by cutting the costs on the salaries without the necessity of hiring extra personal. Just use UCGP Consult outsourcing services when you need the job done, instead of hiring additional employees and save.

Hiring UCGP Consult you can be sure that only Сertified Senior Engineers will work on your tasks and the job will be done accurately, timely, and in a cost-efficient manner.

You can outsource certain tasks or positions or entire division to UCGP Consult and free the available resources for other business activities or reduce/limit the staff and save. For example, we can handle all Database Administration (DBA) services in your company, including monitoring, upgrades, migrations, performance optimization, etc., and save tens or hundreds of thousands per year on personal.

Hire UCGP Consult for Outsourcing at $50/hr