Oracle DB upgrade & migration

Project goals:

  • Upgrade Oracle database from to
  • Migrate the database to the new high-end server
  • De-fragment and consolidate data within the database to reclaim space and improve performance
  • Implement In-Memory database option
  • Implement Multitenant database architecture

Oracle Database Upgrade & Migration


  • The upgrade and migration has been performed, meeting 1 month project deadline
  • Meeting such a tight deadline became possible because of merging the upgrade and migration activities under one Oracle DataPump export/import process
  • Complex post-migration ETL performance issues have been resolved, by optimizing target configuration DB parameters
  • Multitenant and In-Memory options have been implemented


  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database Multitenant option
  • Oracle Database In-Memory option
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux


  • 95 hours

Project team:

  • Senior Oracle Database Architect
  • Senior Oracle DBA

Client’s feedback:

«UCGP Consult is one of the best Oracle teams I’ve met, and I’ve worked with many. Their knowledge levels are incredible, feels like they can answer any question and solve any problem. They solved our slowdown issue and we can recommend them to anyone who is dealing with complex projects and big data.”


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