License audit and cost optimization

Project goals:

  • Conduct an Oracle license audit of over 300 database systems
  • Identify and report on possible Oracle license breaches in the system
  • Identify suboptimal license usage
  • Develop and implement a plan to remediate licensing issues



  • A thorough audit of license usage and breaches conducted
  • 12 major license issues were identified, including both one-time and regular cases of unintentional licensed feature usage
  • 8 cases identified, where the usage of licensed features does not provide any business value
  • A plan has been developed, to remediate the issues and optimize the systems, minimizing the system impact


  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Licensing
  • Oracle Database Multitenant option
  • Oracle Database Tuning and Diagnostic packs
  • Oracle Database Advanced Security option
  • Oracle Database Advanced Compression option
  • Oracle Database Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle Database OLAP
  • Oracle Database Advanced Analytics option
  • Oracle PL/SQL


  • 50 hours

Project team:

  • Senior Oracle Database Architect
  • Oracle Licensing Expert

Client’s feedback:

«The project has been completed perfectly. UCGP Consult employs very skilled Senior DBAs with a proactive approach and professional attitude. Will hire again!»

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