Cloud backup infrastructure setup in Azure

Project goals:

  • The client’s on-premises hardware was running out of support lifetime.
  • It was required to find a cost-effective way to move from the mentioned hardware
  • The system consisted of:
    1) a hardware hypervisor with 18 VMs running on top of it;
    2) a storage appliance;
    3) an Email server;
    4) a hardware firewall

Cloud backup infrastructure setup in Azure


  • A detailed analysis has been conducted, to compare the pros/cons of 3 different ways to address the risks:1) Migrate the system to a brand-new hardware
    2) Migrate the whole system to Azure cloud services
    3) Set up a backup solution in the cloud, to ensure a seamless switch-over to the cloud in case of the on-prem system’s failure.
  • A decision has been made to proceed with the 3 rd option implementation
  • The backup system has been built in Azure Cloud, utilizing cloud-native services where possible to optimize costs and simplify maintenance (Storage, DB, Mail server, monitoring solution)
  • Such an approach allowed us to minimize the cloud deployment costs to 20% if compared to classical cloud migration.


  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure VM
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Windows Server
  • Office365


  • 400 hours

Project team:

  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Senior Windows Administrator
  • Senior Network Administrator

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