Business Continuity solution design and implementation

Project goals:

  • Remediate a malfunctioning backup solution
  • Design a zero-downtime availability solution for an Oracle Exadata-based system


  • The existing backup solution has been reconfigured, decreasing backups footprint by 50%, while maintaining the required redundancy KPIs
  • A flexible business continuity solution has been developed, including several standardized service levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver) for different business applications
  • Sub-second RPO and sub-minute RTO has been achieved for Platinum service level, even for the most devastating failure scenarios


  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters


  • 120 hours

Project team:

  • Senior Oracle Exadata Administrator
  • Senior Oracle Database Architect
  • Senior Business Analyst


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